330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8 Canada
330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill ON L4B 3P8
330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8 Canada

Backup. Recovery. Peace of Mind. The 3 essential components of data protection.

Your organisation’s information is critical. Imagine the consequences of losing even a fraction of the information you hold on customers, suppliers, staff or transactions. You may need to go back to last year’s accounts or last week’s version of the project you’re working on. Backup is essential, yet the cost and complexity of designing policies and managing data backups across a modern organisation can be enormous.

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Process 1

We work with you to design a backup and recovery policy that meets your business needs. The backup process is monitored so that any discrepancies are discovered at the time and resolved. Customers receive a daily email to confirm the status of their backups. The service encrypts your data from the moment it leaves your users’ devices and holds it securely in our Tier III UK and US data centres. If, or when, required, files can be restored to a system or PC of your choice.

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Backup service richmond hill

Backup Service Richmond Hill

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