330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8 Canada
330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill ON L4B 3P8
330 Highway 7 PH7 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8 Canada

Woggio develops stunning branding that’s strategically on point, and refined down to the last detail.

Most people don’t need to think much about logos or the visual aspects of branding. That’s precisely what makes them so powerful. The most recognizable company logos and brand identities generally can evoke a chain of associations and emotions in only a moment. But creating these instant brand associations involves a lot of work for a lot of people. Think of a favorite brand, and it’s a safe bet that every color, every typeface, every shape, and every line of the branding has been sweated over by both branding agency and client.

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Brands do this because they know impressions count—whether you’re a multi-billion dollar colossus or scrappy startup. They understand that brands win by presenting as relevant, trusted, and memorable. At Woggio, our design heritage, especially in logo design, runs deep. We’re strategists, creators, experimenters, and collaborators. When you work with us, we paint the big strategic picture of how to reach your target audience with exceptional branding, and then pursue the details with a down-to the pixel obsession.

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Woggio is a team of brand identity specialists with common beliefs and uncommon backgrounds. We serve clients of all kinds in Richmondhill, ON, and collaborate to form powerful brands for any industry. Your brand’s visual identity is a complete system of marks, colors, typography, and distinct visual elements that represent your unique look and feel. The logo is the single most important mark in this system and serves as your rally cry—a flag that you can wave and be proud of. Once we’ve completed the identity, it’s all captured in a book of Brand Standards, ensuring that the look and feel of your brand remains consistent across all communication points. Whether you’re looking to reignite your existing brand or start a new one, we’re always up for a good challenge and that chance to work with passionate people.

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