330 Hwy 7 #512,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 3P8 Canada
330 Hwy 7 #512,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 3P8 Canada
330 Hwy 7 #512,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 3P8 Canada

Credit/Debit card payments are available, so buyer’s protection is ensured.

How do I add my Credit (Debit) Card and finish the purchase?

Step 1: Add whatever you like in your shopping cart by clicking on Order Now button.

Step 2: After you have chosen everything you are interested in click on CHECKOUT button to go to the payment page.

Step 3: Fill in a form and Credit/Debit card information(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Step 4: Choose coupons (if necessary), checkout successfully and check your email.

Order cancellation

All orders can be cancelled within 24 hours. If you already placed your order and you need to make a change or cancel it, contact us within 24 hours. Once the website designing has started your order can no longer be canceled.

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330 Hwy 7 #512,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 3P8 Canada

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